and time passing by, for only like 3 days (i think) many things happened, for specific, emotionally.hah, been through hard time with my self, well it just like i don't know to elaborate the thing, thats all!, it just everything seems so hard and dark to myself.ahh!, maybe it just me.

well, let take something more low thang!today, I'm going home earl as usual, cause its Wednesday, and NO FOOD AT HOME, so not having lunch also, and for info i don't take my breakfast so well, cause i only had a 1/4 (cause the other part is given to m dog,hihihi), and a milk!hahah!, soooo protein-ny,but not tummy filling,well anyway, yeah, i've been so hungry in that time, and spent it with UGLY BETTY marathon on season 2, and it was good, they go to WICKED wowwww, kapan yahh gue ke Broadway, i mean NEW YORK, hihihih, pengen abis, and its soo romantic, love between nerd (but HENRY showed SOOOO GORGEOUS IN THERE, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!HOT!)

so yeah, its done, i mean the ugly betty thing, and then yaa gitu lahh,my writting in englishohh well i don't knoww.seriously, i had a freakish day, so I REALLY DONTAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!whatev!:( is kind of suck, KNOW WHAT TO WRITE,

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