hah, physic are just drive me crazy!you know now behind by laptop is my LOVELY DEVILISH PHYSIC TEXT BOOK, and BEAUTIFY EVIL SPIRIT note book!!!, amponn!and no matter i trid to read this, ok let me count i already try to understand the topic for 3 times reading, but still ENGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!, whats this and whats that!!!.ahhh!!stupido forceso (see the effect!!, you see IT RITE!!!)

ayaiahahaha, I'm not happy with tomorrow subject , or should i say, everyday!.it just in every subject, there's some misery business to be done like teacher, student, text book, apalahh, ya gitu lahh, well im not try to be spoiled or anything!, but yeah!!!MISERY BUSINESS!!!aghhhh!!!, like tomorrow, the beautifully Monday started with THE EVIL SPIRIT ENGLISH TEACHER MS DIANE!!, WHAT!!!!she's JUST TRY TO SUCK UP ALL THE GOOD AURA THAT I HAVE FOR TOMORROW.IUHHH!!SUCKK UP PEOPLE, SHE SUCK UP ALL OF IT!!!ahhh!!!!

whatever!shitty Monday!thats why people HATE MONDAY!

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