ahaks, ahaksss,, what a wonderful afternoon.well, i dont know, it supposed to be night actually, ohh well.been busy doing DVD plug ini in the dad tv room, but i just cant do it, the colokan itss sooo HADRDD, there are atleast 100 combination but i just can get i right, first when the sound is on, then the picture goes double, or it can be the other way around.or...when the sound goes well, and then suddenly, there's no PICTURE AT ALL!.what a weird technology that they had!!!AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

so yeah, i gave up and start to do other thing.TV, doesnt show any GUDD SHOW, well there's ISAAC, yahhh fine lahh, LISA LOEB was there.hahhaaa.funny, and she's talked about dating things, well its a girl thing, and they say its somethin guys wouldnt understand.duuuh!

hahaha, chat with wulan, and we chated about our plan to be POP in BAZAAR PARIS cause opening PADANG RESTAURANT in there.hahahhaaa, soooo djayus.well, the point of it is that, how we can get into the wedding issue, and inspire other people by our PADANGNESE food.hahahha!!!and i swear like i laugh at all time when we chat, so believe or not, i laugh for about 1 hour, i think,hauahahhahah!!!

well, next thing people!!.mom.dad planed to watch AMERICAN GANGSTER! at Blitz in Pacific Place, and i also wanted to watch AUGUST RUSH (cause i need somethin that can make me cry into tears.alahh!!!).so basicially, i nebeng with them.hhahahha!.but as a result, THE SEAT ARE FULL PEOPLE!!FULL!!AND ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!, NO MOVIE IN WEEKEND, so mom asked "besok ada yah mas??', and the blitz guy said "oooo maap bu, cuma buat hari ini doang, kan itu film baru, jadi baru turun biasa hari Rabu palingan, nah baru minggu depan bisa".and with the evil faces that she had she said to me "now you learn for the lesson, kalo mau nonton itu pesen aja phome", ehhh suddenly the blitz guy nyeletul, "hah, maaf bu kita masih belum bisa pake by phone reservation tuh", and mom tambah marah jadi said "AHH!!! dasar bioskop ngak bener, kalo NGAK SIAP YA UDAH NGAK USAH BIKIN AJA SEKALIAN!!!, ya udah sana mas kalo mau nonton, nanti kita jemput lagi". and i said "ngak usahh lahh bun, minggu depan aja kita nonton, im sure filmnya masih ada", tapi dalam ati gue, yaa doain aja amiennn!!!

ok ya udahh its CANCELLED!!!AMPONNNN!!!AMPONN!huihuhuhuhuh,ya udah go home lahh after that.chape dehh!!!

TODAY!!! :(

oo yeahh, its sunday anyway, damn it!!that mean school is tommorow, halahh!!!!bete gue!well notmuch sich today, go to senci and have a monthly grocery shopping!!WOWWW!!!(NOT!)well its bored.ahhh blocking on wirting nehh!!okay then i stop here dehh.huhuh!!!!

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