last weekend.huh, chape dehh.so annoying, school are going to start i a bout 3 days,and that's sucks,BACK TO THE ROUTINE, and here's the thing, anya was right, holiday is the time where we chill for a while from our daily routine that makes our brain goes weeeee!!!!, and going back to the normal thing, ahhhh its just SO nott!!!

that's means term 2 is coming up for the year, and i believe its going to be a tough year for me, us, and many of you, if you are in binus (that's why peoples hate binus, well for some!), hah, exam, assessment, 12:00 midnight report deadlines, and other energy consuming activity will be and HAVE to be done within the year!wtf!

i don't know what the plans for today, but I'm starting ton organize school stuff.and that's good warn up for the SCHOOL routine,,,hayahhhhh!!!chape dehhh!so, nothing to worry about for the stuff, i complete all my needs for the next 6 month.amine!hehheheheheh!!!

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