peek a boo!!!huahahahhahahahahahha :). don't know why kind of feeling djayus.wee, 11 day day past from the 1st January, fast huh!but that's not the point, nothing happened drastically. so no worry.

i've been realized that reason i write post in blog is just to review my day, but supposed there's other activity than this rite?of course, you know, i think that one of my 2008 resolution is that, have a higher quality in the blog post that i post.hehehehee, well i try to.

now I'm still at school, in library for specific, My ojek will come at 3:30, so still have plenty off time to wait.huh, i don't know what to.many of friends are absent, and you know only 12 people came this morning, hahahhaha interesting number isn't it?!gagagagaggagag!!!

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