school was okay today,there are a few changes happened in the subject teacher.doesn't mean the changes made the day gone wild, but thanks to ms.bernadete, shes been okay in class.and that just a bonus of the day.the day today passing by quickly, maybe is because of the subject that I enjoyed, so i don't care how shitty is the teacher to me or the subject itself.

going home early today, and i decide to have a nice quiet lunch at home.spaghetti!YUMMY!!!!whats interesting is that, i read all the comment in my friendster, and i realized that there are a lot of thing happened in the past 2 years.duhh!, but that's not it, i also spent some time on my old blogs, reading all the old post, before i was posting in blog spot, and i also realized that i have a better POST QUALITY in there than this, i don't know why this happened, maybe its just the sense of something that i didnt know (haha!)

honestly, i don't know he purpose of this post.I'm feeling bored and got nothing to do, and tomorrow is holiday.huh!feeling rot already and i just want to do some thin productive

London trip cancel, because i have to do presentation on IT subject in 29/02/08, and it sucks.but dad give me alternative, whether i go to New York or German.so i need to decide between the two destination.well, personally i want to go to London and Paris, rather than New York, but the time is just not right, and the interesting part is that, if i go to New York, that will be on MY BIRTHDAY!!!YAY!!!!.he also say that, in New York, there are lot of museum and theatre to see (emang iya yaaa fie??!kasih tau donggg), well that will be interesting of course,hahahahhaah.yaaahh let it be, let it be :(

right then, tomorrow is holiday, and got nothing to do, but for now, i need to find the layout for my blog, cause it's been a long time that I'm not update that part;well wish me to have a good one!tatttattt!

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