my search of the new template is like ahhhhh!!!its soo hard to find a good one, and when i try to find it again, i just keep return to the same pictures templates and the creator.owww,what is wrong with me, ohh dear, ohh dear rama :(!!

to day its holiday, and HAPPY MUHARAAM 1429 HIJRIAH, well usually granny sent us the porridge with the secret recipe, and said that it can brings the prosperity and luck if we do that tradition.but i dont know, like the last time i doing it, is when i was in grade 7 i think, and i ate it when i was there, so not at home.huh!!BUT ITS SOO GOOD!!!.it contain the best of the best ingridients, so the meaning of the Muharram can be absorbed well, i think.but its different for the chicken porridge yahh, well its almost the same, but the spice and all kind of that, is being modified, and make it ADVANCE MODIFIED.hahahahahhaa.

there are nothing much that i do today, and i watch tv to KILL MY TIME until tommorow.as we all know, friday is HARI KEJEPIT, well kind of lazy to go to school, but i have to do my math homework, which is already given last month before the holiday.but what stupid is that, i loose the paper, and now i cant do it, and i'll bet tommorow there will be some begging and cheating session in class.hahahhaaa.bolehh yahhhhh,pleaseeee :) (see told you its stupid!)

some people might be absent tommorow, well also some already start it like 2 days ago.hahahaa.fun yahh.!aihayahahhh, i dont know.but THE SEARCH OF THE TEMPLATE WILL CONTINUE.HAUAHAHHAHAHAA (read it in EVIL LAUGH!!!)

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