ahahahhaa, so hows today, welli decided to have a straigh forward post.dunno why?!maybe i felt like it aja.ahahaha, 1) i felt that the duty rooster that i did this morning was pretty good for the amateur owner prefix.huahahahaha, ya udah lahh yaa namanya juga owner prefect, pasti kannn ngak se perfect ituu gituu, ya udahh, it seems that made everyone for go on time for assembly itu agak sulit, soalnya not many people want to noticed or even see ur face, with many or should i sayd MILLION reasonS to ditch you.huhahhahahhaa!!

2) this happened when recess, like my food sauces gitu kayak tumpah semua to my pants, so i looked like someone that just been masturbate or pipis deeeeeee, IUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!, ya udahh and another thing still happened in the period between recess and lunch is that, all my clothe is LIKE FULL OF PAINT FROM THE ARTWORK, belom pake itu belom even 50%, ampunn dee, like i i have to do some extra job on that, aduhh pleasee yahh pada participate.hehehhee.kan i cant do it alone juga,hahahhaa,baus lohh guys!!, and yeah, sorii KEV, oommmiibaby, maap, udah bikin baju elo kotor gitu gara2 paint gue,dosa dee gue, and thanks udah ditemenin pas BI, oomii, im so pissed off by the paint all over my body,but since theres you, NGAK DEE!HEART YOU dude!!

3)ngak ada sich, i've got my apptitude test, yaa udahh im so happy aja, and its seem that i got the result that i expecting.like, im so into the medical field, social service, tapi yang satu lagi agak aneh, kayak SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMATION, yoooo olohhh, ituu gue agak mau coplok mata guee.,hahahahhahaa, lucu aja, emang sichh, kata reportnya sich, if i can get to the point where i love math and logic thingy, gue bisa bagus, tapi since i have no interest sama pelajaran begituan,ya udahh im ending up getting that, jadi my ideal pelajaran adalah, 1)bisnis, doaiin jadi orang kaya, amienn!! 2)BIOLOGY!!!YUMMY!!!I LOVE IT!!,,and 3)math standard, wow i never knew i can get into standard, cause i was thinking to have studies, oo well, lets see how parents react to that!!huahahahahha!!

hmmmmm, apalagii yaaa, oo iyaaa thanks god i have a good grade in bahasa, aYAY!!!, apalagii yahh, tauu ahhhh,

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