AND THERE GOES FRIDAY AND SATURDAY HOME ALONE, AND THE END OF THE WEEKEND, ehh i accidentally press CAPS LOCK and lazy to re-write it again.ahahahaha, lazy-lazy me.hiks, but make it lol please.as i said yeterday, i just bought like 14 disch of Greys Anatomy from season 1 and 2, it seems i getting addicted with this DVD collection and watching ofcourse, cause you know what, in the last 3 month or 2 month, i dunno, i just love to see all of this TV SHOW, but i prefer to say, its SINETRON AMERIKA.ahahahaa, but it is, and its good you know, not like we had here, a BIG DUHH!!!

okay, besides the addicting thing of the DVD and watching, I'm kind of carried away of the event that i watched from the DVD, and you know, i woke up from my tidur siang, i just dreamed about i was in THE SEATTLE GRACE HOSPITAL, where, Dr. Stevens and Sheperd was there because i have problem with my spinal cord, like OOOMIIGOD, and i think that is happening because that's the last thing i remembered in my mind, GREYS ANATOMY,wuahahahahahahha!!!I JUST FEEL JOY OF IT!!!.and i kind of bete with myself, i mean WHY RAMA JUST WATCH THE SHOW NOW, NOT WHEN THE SHOW WAS FIRST AIRING!!OOOHH MENNN!!!

ahahahahhaa, gituu lahhh, sooo me, outdated, lohhh why im being pessimistic gituu sich, ahhhh whateve.hmmm, i kind of wonder, hows the binus cup, does binus win?oo yeah, in ICHEL blog, it was said that binus win from Noterdam because the school was not attending the match, so yeah, unofficial winning people, well good for us.ahahahaha.

im not going anywhere today, well i kind of enough with the mall life, and i just want it to give it a break.yahh gitu lahhh, and gue juga gak butuh apa-apa, palingan itu roti, well at least itu bisa gue titipin gitu, but i don't have the must thing to be bought in mall, soo yeah, i stayed home, do some HW and watched GREYS ANATOMY and ofcourse read some novel that i just bought in NY.yummy sunday for meme (meaning for myself, i just want it to be rhythmic.)

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