late post.i know i know, maybe rite know i should be in my bed and thinking whats gonna be ahead for tommorow.yups thats me!!!, so just arrived from blitz di pacific place, and WATCHED AUGUST RUSH.saking bikin gue seneng, i cant even made my self happy, cause it just beyond my things, and i dont know...ahhh!!it just sooo goood, words or pictures cant explain this things.

so hows the movie goes, it started when EVAN TAYLOR said, "music is eveyrwhere, and all you have to do is liten", wow, when i was head that, it like a big insporation to me. i mean where was I?under the tube of mysterious boredom?my own dirty imagination?some kind of vortex that i dont know where it it?it's a simple sentence, and it just wow.okay i know maybe its not too important for you guys, but that what i think. and you know,he was not seeing his mom, since he was a baby, and ending up in the orpahanage rite?ofcourse.he believed, that sound that is produced by every single thing itu lead to his parents, because yeah, his mom was a violin player in The New York Philaharmony, and daddy was working as a ROCK STAR should i say to the band, sorry i forgot..., and yeah, they are really giving EVAN a big influence to the music, eh?!duh for me!.so. yeah and another thing he said is "well i believed they still somewhere, so if i they can find me, then i should go try to find them", wow, a 12 years old kids have that kind of thought.ckckckkkckcc, thats wayy beyonddd his thought guys.!!!

sorry i cant say much of the movie, but the point of reading this post is that, if you just watched or planning to watch this, hey, its really philosophical, and it give soo meaning in many different aspect of life.it just, so RUSH-RUSH,hah, FANTABOLOUS.! :)

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