the idea that i have no idea its coming from, and im sure that comes in brain, and the idea that just freakish!

so heres the thing, i just afraid of anything that is lies infront of me.and i have no idea what its coming to me.for sure, i never felt this way before, and gue juga ngak ngerti kenapa gue bisa jadi coward ngak jelas or whatsoever.jujur, emang kayaknya, i do too many playing around with myself, but thats not the point, i did all my HW and assignment yang dikasih, and do it with all my heart to it.and gue ngak mau aja, the end result that i;'ve been working on itu kayak falling off to pieces, it just scared me a lot.

dibebasin ama ortu untuk ngelakuin sana sini sich ngak pengaruh, soalnya apa, kalo ampe gue gitu juyga, mereka juga bakalan bikin ini jadi issues yang bikin pala gue muter2 ngak jelas, and make me sobbing for somethin yang ngak ada gunanya juga gitu.and gue setuju aja, and UDAH PASTI gue ngak bisa get over itu dengan sebentar,next thing adalah, gue trauma ama grounded yang bulan that my parents do to me last year,eugghhh its just the worst of all the thing happened in the world you know.

i make sure that, i done everything under my hand, so nothing spill or something wrong is happened,but why it just always come to the conclusion where it just gone wild, and i cant even handle myself.i c kind tooo ackward to talk this to others, cause maybe they think, my problem it just a silly little problem, that i shouldn be worried about,so yeah, i have no idea that idea comes where in my mind.

okay, there still a load of thing in my mind that i want to put it in my blog.sorry, THERE A YELLOW lights sign that tell me to do my work here.sorry.byee!

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