so hei and hello to you guys.YAY!, writing blog again nehh, hehehhehe, udah lama gitu udah ngak upadate, yeah thanks to the LOAD of TRUCKS of homeworks that is being given to me.well the time passing by soo fast, oo yeah, my litle sister having a birthday loohh, HAPPY BIRTDAY sayangg, i love you more than anything, i mean this is my real sister okay, sooo no question to that.ahahahhaa, im just being try to be a good brother lahh.

anyway, the term test is like a dead 3 days from me, before the heaven of 10 days holidays come bracing to my life.i mean this kind of sucks, on monday next week, i have three test, 1)MATH, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!, 2) BUSSINESS (YAY!, capee nuliss), 3) BAHASA, ampunnnnn HASAN HASAN, kasian yaa idup elo,capee deee.yeahh, so its sucks, i even not start to revise some of it, well not all of them, but not in the concetrate way of study, you knoww lahh.

aduhh, sakit perut abiss, ngilu di pinggang banget, mata soak kenapa ngak!nahh!idup gue emang udah kemana2 deeh, yeahh thanks to all of them. for sure, i have no diea to talk about in mind, except those thing, i mean it just keep revolving in my mind, i know its seems like a nerd, but that the way things work here.cape abiss!!!behh!

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