hahahaha, finally i can have my me time.hmmmm, its kind of intereseting yaa, where i realized that i just wanna have somethin at school just because of THE MARK.well, i know thats now mature way of thinking, but hey, everyone wanna have a good score rite.so, i heard this from service class yesterday, where ms.vivi, was like talking all of this motivation speech, should i say, to go on with the service we should done, in about.hmmmm, 2 weeks i think.and you know what, my group not havent done anything, and yeah, i've been chosen to be a leader again for the group.oooohhh gooddd :(

iyaa, yang intereseting itu pas dia ceruta pas dia punya murid yang pinter banget lah gampangnya.cause she already planned eveyrthing of what she will do for uni. and all those kind thing gitu2 lahh.and what intereseting dia bilang juga, bukannya dia diajarin ama si ms-nya, ehhh malahan dia yang ngajarin.clkckckckckckc, very mature abis deehh.

ya udahhlahh yaaa, kan itu cuma sebagai reference doang.ahahahhaa.ehh, you know what again, there something interesting to share juga lohh, which is ms bernadette itu tau bonyok gue coba.gokil abis, kataknya bokap gue itu satu kerja sama suaminya dia, and nyokap gue itu, suka namanya tuker2an kado lah, istilahnya ama dia.and waktu gue bilang kalo my granny itu tinggal di deket rumahnya dia deh.ya udahh, tau lah dia silsilah keluarga gue.aduhhhhhh :(

(sori, ada granny dateng nehh, dua2nya lagi)
ya udah dee, its weekend anyway, and no planning nehhh, i dunno what are we going to do for today.maybe will do usual lunch thingy and go to unimportant shopping gitu2 kale.aduhh chape deeee.

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