sunday!, yuks for today, i mean i having dejavu, i want LAST WEEK!!!!!.so this morning, when i woke up, everything in my mind is last week, and i know that i have to get back to the reality, but it just keep revolving in my mind.FYI, im not the typical of person, who easily forget about things, so it make a melancholis, yang sukanya inget2 masa lalu, gue ngak tauu yaa itu bener apaa ngak, well anyway,

now im working on my english work, but i have to leave like an hour from now, cause i need to jemput daddy in the airport with my sister!thats a something, i mean, im gonna take a 3 year old baby with me, and gila setengah mampus!!!!!, aduhh i dunno how to managae that, and im sure gue bakal langsung bete abis ini!YAY!!, cause i can focus on my homework then other things then.

bsok, hmm, peernya siii almost done, bagus lahh, btw, kok jadi ngomongin HW yaa??walahhh, dasar gue :(

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