ahhh, morning in the weekend.ahahhahaha, you know im doin homework for monday, i mean i dunno, whats happening, it feels like I JUST WANNA GET DONE EVERYTHING FOR NOW!!!!ahahhaa, thats THE SPIRIT ram.ahahahaa.well, it is good for me, cause im not doin this for what, 2 weeks, well that is now okay then, sooo WORK WORK, and chop-chop people.

ukkayyy, weekend is coming, and daddy come tommorow morning, with the jeans i ask.ahahaha, men, i don't have a proper jeans for like a year, and it feels freaky for me. wearing short pants every time, with the same style and color,ughhhh, soo nott in my style dictionary,aushhh, shut up!STYLE DICTIONARY, thats a new thing!ahahhaa.

what else should i sya, hmmm, cant wait for JUNE, thats for sure, i mean, i want holiday but in other thing, i wanna have my inter ship in JAKARTA POST,wew, cant wait for that.and I'll bet 2008 will be a roller coaster,ahahahahaha, it just outregous to have this kind of thing in every year, cause you have something to see when you're like what?10 years from now.ahahahahaa.i really wanna make like somethin a time capsule, i dunno if thats how should i suppose to say, but you know what i mean.

exam, exam, exam,aishhhhh, okay, i knowww that!copy that binus, CLEARY!

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