sooo friday, i dunno i felt like today is the most SPIRITEST day ever, as im like sooo overpower to go to school and get everything done.YAY!!, one of my resolution is like coming again, after a while you know, and i feel soo good, to back in the bussiness.what interesting is that, all my goal is achieved, like my art team done with the head of our LOVELY TEDDY BEAR ROBOT, ada-lah namanya, tapi gue lupa dikasihnya apaan ama si annisa, pokoknya ada X, ama Y, gituu dee, robotic abis.and, my CAS, rite, EARTHandUS project was like 60% going on, since we had our TRENDY trash bin, its up to the RAISING thingy, YAYY!!!

i think im already summarize all of that in one paragraph, rite.thats kind of nice.no need of long post.shorter and better.ooo yeahh!

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