a thing you call a life journey and thinking...

it just good, to read other people blogs you know, it likes you discovered a tiny thing/a piece of puzzle from their life, and sometimes it inspired me to do something for myself, and my surroundings.you know, why i kinda wanna make a serious post today, well the jalan-jalan with my dog, is one of the routine to be thing to do, cause it give me time for me to think my life is going to be life, i mean, thinking under a warm sunlight from the sun, especially in Indonesia, it just nice.

so anyway, i was thinking that, being different is not something that i should regret it you know.people might think me weird, sissy, or whatsoever, HEI WHO GIVE A DAMN TO IT!cant expect me like you want, so walk away as far as you can okay, cause there are too many thing to be mind of.yeah, I'm sort of sarcastic a bit, but i thought that, its the only way for me to like make my self who am i, and able to survive in this game, yeah, it is a game rite?

i tried to recall what I've been through in the last two years, and sure there are lots of thing happened in my life, for good and bad.and if i think again, along with this post, rama tuu terlalu banyak yang namanya, bilang, SHIT!I HATE MY LIFE, tapi yaa gituu, mau 1 juta kali, even a billions time you say that to other people, they just dont give a damn to it, i mean they will think, why i have to think about your life, i have my own okay!, sooo, gituu, i have to start to get eveyrthing to myself, and gue cape gituu, like kinda a hard to talk to people about my thang, which i afraid it struck them or whatsoever, and make them freakout, atau apalahh...

be what i am now, i think, its part of journey who am i going to be, and in this young age, gue mikir aja, kalo apa life is that difficult to me, or it just me that become soo sissy about my self.people might see me happy bee everyday, but that's the reason im sick about, i want people to know the real me, and knowing the outside me, doesn't mean you know me that, as if that!, stop and full stop, i like to put it in that way.

current mood: confused

and desperately need a ______________.
i wish i can have one, again,

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