early thought

ok now it like what, 7:30am and just woking up rite now, well not exactly, im already been on the process on waking up since like 2am this morning, with no reason at all.i mean im not hungry or whatsoever, sooo when i had that this morning the first thing that i done is go outside my room and drink some water, sooo atleast can make me relax for a while.

okehh, thats no interesting, since its about sleeping, who wants to talk about sleeping anyway rite??ahahahaa,yeahhh, hows weekend people?having a great time yesterday?im hoping sooo, well i just watched GET SMART, and must seen movie guys,oo yeah, i recomended you to watched that for like a thousand times if you can,hehehheee, i promise you also, in that 90minutes there will be no stopping on laughing and fresh comedy ofcourse, sooo enjoy!

aahh i've been thinking lately, well actually 2 days ago, im able to move on, you know having feeling like worried about someone outhhere just to know how they're doin or whatsoever?and feeling connected to it, yeahh, but now that kind of things seems to be gone by itself, like PUFF, it gone nowhere, even i dont know how that going to be, but heres the thing, moving on is all about that, leave it all behind and go forward with you life,in short face it all infront of you

okayyy gotta go, need shower here.hahahhaa!

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