the pattern of relationship

upppuuppss, dont get me wrong, its not shitty, i mean for real.just read anya blog, and yeah, soo many things in there, which make me wanna write this stuff now, soo while i dont doo nothing and thinking hows my life going to be next?whatt??!oo yeah, i just write some POPPING idea, yeahh, thats more likey, in this one white blank box filled with icon that i dont even know what is called..ahahhaa, well, here it is.

the pattern of relationship.have been in one before?or maybe you try to find one?whatever the situation is, according to cheisy zefanya, i quote "the pattern should be: know each other, be friends, ask out", yups, that's it, i mean, isn't that obvious since a rule have been writen like that, and yeah, that's just simple, and i think YEAH THATS TRUE, why people bother to talk about being someone boyfriend or girlfriend, but they don't even say anything to their boo//partner//someone that they like, soo girl and guys out here, plis follow the rule carefully, since i don't want you to fall with something that is practically out of nothing.

after the intro, we see that the whole process is actually have a long term journey by its own.it takes like forever to get every bit of the section, if you have been into one of these, i'll bet you know how it feel rite?.and yeah, im telling you, it takes you a heart and blood//what??!, and even things or whatever that makes it come true.but that is just the thing to make it happen, sooo hard work is the key to it, as the addition on the previous paragraph.

another thing that is interesting,do you believe on finding the ONE is involving the sense of luck?hmmm, even im not sure about it.depends actually, it could be YES or NO.well if YES, since we will travel or go somewhere new in our life, finding the right partner is like finding a another pieces of our self actually, since girl/guy need someone to support emotionally, i mean in the matter of love and comfort of being accepted and sort of things like that,but the point is in you, how you see the whole process about,

i think that what i can write, and thank to anya for inspired me for the writing this time,
salute and good night!

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