hahaha, tuesday in the morning, lazy around, TV all day and no school, gosh i love it, nothing can compare a nice relaxing moment like this, after 6 month of schooling and stress moment.huh, thank god,a word call holiday redefined all of that,yup, yups, just like what anya used to say, which is, its time to get over from the usual routine, is absolutely what all of this is about, i mean watching tv for 5 hours and more, never been in my things on day routine.ahahaha, YAY!!ANYAA!!

soo sooo, ngak kemana sii, kan hari ini gue libur, since some kids having drama and yang ngak ikutan jadi di rumah, soo here;s me dirumah dengan kesegala kebebasan yang ada.ahahahha!!apaa sii, kayak mau diapaain aja dee gue.trus, sii nothing ngak special actually since i have nothing to do, or a must thing to do, sooo relax and relaxx, and more relax itu udah pasti.ahahahhaa.

lagi nonton STARWORD coba gue, wow, rama,apaa siii??!!

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