hei, night everyone.gosh, im going to school tomorrow, so need to wake up early as always to go.huh, malasnyaa POLL., secara hari ini kayaknya its lazy lazy time for me to do.hehehehe.aniway, kind of feeling in the blues, or i dunno today for me?how are you guys doing?!hoping fine okay?!

aniway, ever wonder how someone could be sooo happy about things?i mean, you can see one person is smiling all day and don't care about anything or anyone around them?well its interesting to say, since he/she must have somethin go in mind about that something.that something could be money, books, movie, handsome actor, cute girls, new phone, cute tote bag or whatever, it their thing, but form my opinion sometimes it could be guy/girl that makes them smile all day without thinking all of that.

having someone in your hand, is a right that anyone could have.they don't care if is it a guy or girl, they have a right to decide which type of "boo" they wanna spend time with, i mean its love, so threes no stealing, or emotional breakdown to anyone around them, since its somethin personal.i agree on this.since, coupling oi think its a new fashion to be followed, or okay that's kind to cliche and flashy i think, but it just A thing for people to do it, rite?even i doing it, well not now, since i dont have things call "boo".

but what i really try to say is, finding the right one from this "boo" this, is a game that makes you need to loose everything, or even anything that you have, to have this.and even sometimes you see a young couple doing this, and say "i will do everything to do it for her/him", is something normal, and not a pathetic thing, because they fell in love in the young age or somethin, but for me they just too afraid that this person will be gone forever, and theres no turning back to find it, again.

i know, my post seems to be kind of gay or whatever, but its just a random thought from me.so if you think something about me, yeah i dont give a damn!who cares about it, its my thought, and i appreciate if you can accept it, and i dont even care also if you hate it and wanna punch me on a face.awww, whatever, i 've been too dramatic and melancholic these days.ciao!

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