hei there the green and blue planet popluation, or should i say earth link,gosh, what did i say.aniway, hei lahh.ehh ehh, happy summer okay, thats all i can say for this introdulction.yups, summer is here, so pack you bag, and get out there for sweat people!

so, ngak penting lahh, tiap hari gue juga keringetan kaleee, namanya juga jakarta, ngak panas, yaa bukan jakarta lahh.pasti,trus, well, i know, i should be happy for all of this, since i have been waiting for this for like a decades, and gue terlalu males untuk namanya segala macem, ampe kadang2 gue keteteran ngelakuin ini dan itu.soo gitu. i dunno, maybe i just have get through somethin yang ngak harusnya gue lakuiin.well, have fun for you out there, cause im not gonna wait just like what you did, remember that, i have things to do, other than waiting for that.

btw, KYLE rock the show last night!

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