rite, a second day of holiday, still nothing happened actually since the deep meaningful recognition day, which turn out to be something that is way beyond my thought i think.point is, its just touching and i cant believe that from year 7 until now, goshh!!!there just too much thing happened that i cant even remembered how things going on in that time.

changes changes changes, i think that what am i try to say for this post today. for most people, changes is something important since, it can bring out a new you and other aspect in life, but you know, soimetimes i think tha, changes into someone you hate it, its just a crashing dazing.ahhhhh, oo well.but the thing is, i think the important phase of changing is to be grown up, but nooo, i dont wanna grown up,ahahha, okay kind of spoily here, but yeah thats the thing. is it true when you grown up, people start to ditching you around since we can do everything by ourself? or they just wanna have our personal best without thinking a obstacle that we nedd to get through without thinking about it, since we can solve that, just because we are grown up.but peter pan, has a point, they dont want to be treat like that, yeah, such a happy life if i can be something like that, ofcourse.

yups, and is remind of our theme in the recognition day, which is "are you smarter then 10 grader?", hmmmm, are you??!especially parents and older collage!well, yeah, we are smarter than them, since we grown up with things called, internet/WWW/world wide web, I-POD, MAC and WINDOWS, and many other things that those generation, and i think thats what makes me and you grade 10 smarter, and yups THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY,alahhh, apaa cobaaa.heheheh!

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