heloo there matey, ahahahahaa, i kind like that accent you know.hmmm, thats interesting, i wished back 2 years ago, where i said to myself that "i wanna go to sydney again", and yeah just a week ago, i was there, but not with friends instead of family.wow, family, "sooo what do you think rama??", and rama said "hmmm, i think thats the annoying in first place, but hey heres the thing, how can you spend money more than a million just to fly over the continent and have fun there, sooo i'll make just okay".yup yup yup, the trip was not like a blast that i should have like that 2 years ago, but it just that.

anyway, its not only sydney, but brisbane also.and yeah, nandra was rite about one thing, goshh, i loveeee brisbane, i mean its not because the big city with all the exclusivelity like clean air, a bit less metropolotan, public services that i think close to urban living standard;which mom said to me when we are walking together, and people that are still in community based so they know one another in that city (thats what my dad told me too).okay, thats one quick fact of the city, but heres the things, if indonesia can do like this, i belived we are going to be one of the strongest country other than US or EUROPE, rite?okay sorry, why the post is drifting to the political issues or view, sory sory, i suppose i move on then to the next topic.

okay, nandra and ericka, well they right about one thing, just like i said before, like nandra said "ommiigeeee, ram, brisbane, woww, i loveee everything in there you know", and ericka said "SURFERS PARADISE WAS LIKE THE HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH RAM, YOU HAVE TO GO THERE BEFORE YOU DIE, AND ITS A MUST", okay yups i agree with that statement, i mean all the standard that they have, is just beyond my word, since i never seen something like that in here, so it makes me like bush people, who never see a big city, ahahahaha, i like to put it that way.can you imagine, with the population for estimated 4 million, brisbane tells me that small added with the excellent region state regulation, it can be one of a added things in surviving the nation, ehhhh peehhlus, why i go there anyway.ahahahahha!

and move on then, a weeks seems like forever for me in there, yups, and i just dont wanna to explain things, eughh just forget it, but thats the thing okay.soo holiday is here, and got any plans for you guys??!well, heres the things, no mater the plans is, i wish you guys have a blasting summer, or holiday, since for indonesia rite now, we always have hot day, and in australia is winter, soo its only in either north america and dkk, okay then, rama is to much shitting about things i think.okayy thenn, catcth you later, i try to post some photos from there.buuhbyyee!

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