morning eveyrone, finished packing last morning, so nothing to waoory about other than all the charging thingy and camera, llalalalaa, gitu gituu lahh, secara gue mau foto abiss disana, but i dunno this mission can be gone smoothly, since kamera memorinya cuma kecil gitu,dasar!

sooo, hari ini gue ke syndey, ya olohhh, ngak kerasa yaa udah mau kesana lagi, i mean its just 1 year and 11 month, wowww rama done the math, and now i coming back to trace back all the things that've been happening in there, since thats one of my wish, yang kayaknya i just remembered 1 minute ago, while i was writing this.funny?!anehh dasar!

last night was the dinner with the badge of year 2008 class of 2008, which be held in MARRIOT, menn!!!eveyrone is dressed up, especially ferina looo.hmm, nanti gue post some photo ini here.ahahahahaha, but thats the truth, tuxedo wear by andrew, and ofocourse all the girl with heels plus dress, wowowowww, lat night is just one of the kind to be remembered.hhhahhaa, thanks for commitee who organize this, it turned out to be awesome!ahahaha, sayang yaaa dikit yang dateng, coba banyakan dikit, pasti asik tuuu!!!

i think thats tell all!ahahahha!

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