weekend that just finished with "oo well, just another weekend!"

hei everyone, hows weekend?nice??hope so,ahehehhehee, me just having a little babysitting moment today, which is fun actually you know, since my sister been behaved well today,ahahahhaa, since if theres my dad shes just turn into ballistic.oo well, its kids rite??yeah, i can understand, always try to find attention, oo well, everyone do that when they're kids.okayy, why its kind of parenting tips opening??ahahha!

okay, my plan to watched the kungfu panda with someone, well you know who you are, are not succeed, since i cant even call that person, with noo reason at all.so, i just said to myself, that its being cancelled, which i know that going to be happening, no matter how advance i said to that person, so he can set the schedule.oo well, once _______ always _______ forever, and i believe that, sorry btw, but hei!look at reality, it worked like that rite??!

btw, wizard of wizardly place are freakin funny, i know i kind of late to know about the show, but its actually hell entertaining, well yeah, it just soo fresh and original.hhehehehe!i wish indonesian can make a sketch or show like that, then some slapstick thingy.but heres the thing, the show give me a remedy for not going to the movie, soo thank you show in tv!!ahahahahha!

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