rama highest boredom level!

hei there, hows ur friday, since its almost weekend, so i think thats nice rite?ooo i forgot, its holiday, why should i care about friday anyway, i've benn having this from 2 weeks ago.ahahahha, gosh, why am i being sooo dramatic or somethin, hmm, i know, maybe boredom change me a lot,ooo yeahhhh thats the thing.dad and mom gone this morning, and straight to bali just an hour ago, so that mean about 4'o clock, just like his PA said.and hello home alone to you rama.oo yeah, well why should i care anyway?see, im sooo sarcastic in such a way i dont understand.

okay, now im in the highest level of boredom, where i can jump of by myself in a room, with ipod in my ear which in the highest sound level also,and yups that help, atleast for about 15 minutes of my life, that could be better than doing nothing rite??wayy and hell yeahh!!!so, jumping around CHECK, sleeping CHECK, watch TV all day CHECK, more lazy CHECK, superboredom mood SUPERCHECK!!!

btw, have u heard song called pictures of you//the last goodnight, well yeah, it stuck in my head for like a week, sooo to cure my curiousity i put some video from youtube,yuppp...

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