its just another casualties

hei there, i have somethin to say about my firefox, you know what, after i download the new version, which is 3.0, the browser is like getting bigger like wuihh!!BIGGER!, i mean everything in the browser goes big, i dunno why.i think somethin wrong with it, i mean, yeahh, i didnt do nothing with the setting or whatever that is, the computer just did it by themself, i wish that could be freaky enough!!!!

soo hello again, no plan for today, except for making CV for the intern prep, since mom already told me this morning, with the help of dad PA.i mean , creating CV is simple, but the filling up is kind of hard, since you have to put interesting things to say, soooo we can persuade the boss,ahahahahaa, well i think that what most people doing when they are making the CV rite?ahahahhaha!!!

ok okk okk, i think enough of the trasgy talk, since i dont have anything to say about actually.hmmm, tommorow im gonna be home alone again for the weekend, cause the parente wanna have their anniversary honeymoon in BALI, i think, for the weekend.soo adios parente, cause rama will be the satpam of the weekend!!wuaaaa!!!apaa siii, ngak jelas deee guee!ahahahhah!

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