went home story

night people, since its like 6:37 in my lappie.ahahahahhaaa, sooo just got back home from granny house.oo yeah, i have a great times, since im not seeing her for like 4 month i think, if im not mistaken, and also theres grandaddy ofcourse,ahahaa, i forgot to mention that before.my bro was like away for this taekwondo practice for like 2 hours, sooo im no be able to talk to him while i was there, ooo well, atleast i said goodbye when he was about to go.lol!

what else??hmmmm, i was kind of thinking rite now what should i write.oo yeah, daddy and mommy is going to go for bali this weekend, i think, since my dad told me when we're in aussie.soo, i dunno, his PA said he will be staying there for like a week, ooo gosh, but heres the thing, just coming back from the trip and decided to have another one, hmmm i think thats kind of too much?you think?hmmm,i think like that.well, mom also gone for that, sooo i hope you guys have fun, and yups like i remember a week from now its their wedding anniversary, sooo this is like there small honeymoon,ooooohhhh,tooo twiit!ahahahahahhaaha.congrats guys, and thank you for bringing me to this world?lohhh, ya iyalahhh masa ngak.pliss dee ram!ckckckkc!

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