welcome home to moommaa!!oo yeahh, hello to you from me,hehehe, since you gone with dad in the weekend, soo yeah, its nice to have an adult to supervise the house.hehehee, its not like im a spoily brat that need attention at all time, so i can do nothing or whatever, nahhh, more to someone who can give me money?hmmm, thats too spoil i think??!

okayy okayy okayy, next week is like what the third week of the holiday, and yeah, i've been bought the book when i was abroad, soo like 4 or 5 i think, i dunno maybe it give you sort of things to read in the holiday, right soo here it is:
  1. Johnny Be Good: Paige Toon
  2. A Friend Like Henry: Nuala Gardnner
  3. Lost Boys: Sam De Brito
  4. The Book Thief: Markus Zusak
  5. Dice Man: Luke Rhinehart
o well, hace a blasting summer reading btw to you, catch you later!

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