hello there,ahahaha, im just soo addictive to PRIVATE PRACTICE right now,and yeah, its all about Dr. Addison Montgomery who resign from SGH, and move to LA, with the reason that she could find a better life in there,well yeah, the spoiler that i read from sources says that, she want to leave all the crap or should i say the love and drama in there, so she could have a fresh start of life.well here's the thing, i love the idea of that, and i think we should do this too, if we want to have a nice fresh page of life?isnt it?since its hard, i know, i know, but it takes a lot, i mean LOADS of will and heart to get things done.and i hope in the end, we can have that changes in the reality, just like what we planned it.amien.

okay, the actor i say have a splendid performance in every episode that they are played, since yeah KATE WALSH, if im not mistaken, still keeping up from the Greys Anatomy, so we will not miss that girl who keep running through Dempsey throat everyday, and try t get rid of Greys,ahahaha.instead of doing that, shes more to adjusting life with herself and friends, that i say not very compatible with her, other that Pete who have been her fantasy.yeah, you know if you watched the episode.

i was thinking about my life when i reach 30 or older.people say that, its the time where people, start to know what kind of life, i mean the real life going to be.from love until the development of the individual itself.i mean is it true?i thought all the process happened in the puberty year?or the experience that every single lived for it?hmmm, that is something interesting to know about.but here's the thing, the basic question is, am i going to be that person who will have a wife and children, with money that can fulfill 3 times daily meals of my family?or toys for my children's when they're gone to the Toys R' Us?or just simply watched movie with my wife in the premiere class so we can have the indulgent between us?oo gosh, knowing what am i going to do for college is a abs track for myself, since i have too many choice to be think of when i finished school in about 2 years?or less.yups!

wow, is thinking about life 20 years from now is important?or it just simply or pathetic thing to do, while we have a teenage life to be mind of?here what i think, if i don't start to think it right now, then when?time is ticking, and i realized that, everybody around me, is expect me to have this kind of thing in my mind?does many of you have something like this in mind?or your parents try to get this conversation up and about?well, just one thing, if that happening then, its good, atleast you know what you are going to do for your life, not some spoiled brat who just waiting the world to change, or moon will fall upon you and bring some beautiful chick to sleep with.yeah, because you know that will not going to happen, if what you can think of is fairy tales, oo yeah, dream on baby!

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