remember this line, "hei thats not fair!". and "you rite, since you just a kid!"

yeah, i kinda want to discuss that issue with you, since its kind of revolved in my brain since like 2 hours ago, which i dont even know why that kind of things is pop in my brain.yeah, 15, 16, or 17, i can say it we are in the step where every kids in the world, having a period called puberty, which mean they started to think that everything is possible, and sometimes something ridiculous can be a extraordinary things infornt of our eyes, while parents will say, their kids is just somekind of whacko that cant accept the rules that coming from the house.this kind of issues, is actually happened everywhere, and im sure already being like this for like ages, but heres the things, remember what people said to us, before we reached this step, well say those people say, "you're just a kid!".is it kind of bothering you, when you put in the situation where you want something sooo badly, and that words coming up from them, how does it feel?yeahh, bad as it hurt, i mean who like to be labelled as kids anyway?oo i know, animal would be a better example, ahhaha, you right!.ahahaa!

as a kids who just turned out to be 15 in february, i think it give me a lot of different point of view as a person on seeing things.which i think its one of the process to be a grown up, soo yeah, this is my puberty period that most people said, and im on it, and seeing my body that i think that kind of big and all sort of things, make me think, am i still a kid with this kind of body and attitude?i mean, for quite sometimes i can be a stereotype guys, who can switch his way of speaking in just a second?and people look me differently and weirdly, and yeah can be a little bit childish sometimes, so it makes me being ditch by some people for quite time.i just dont get it, do you think, act like kids and have a favour on things that is being liked by children, can be one of the way on having people around you?thats also one the thing, that is popped in my mind...so what i really wanna know is that, people who actually find friend by having this kind of attitude around them?wow, i really wanna observed how people interact with them, cauase that would be interesting rite??ahahahah!!

okayy okay, i think i'll have a break for a while, yeah, hows holiday for you?find a cute flip flops already to be shown off in the beach?or rainbowish tank top that ready to be dazzle on everyone eyes?or just simply for guys, a nice body that make every chicks say "you're hot"?hmmmm, i'll say, we still have like 20ish days to go, sooo have fun in the sun is all i can say,buhhbyee :)

and im signing off!

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