atleast im going somewhere!

oo yeah, thats something, rama goes somewhere, well its not mall or places that i can called a hang out places, but atleast i got in a car and get away from home for like, hmmm, 2 hours i think?!YAYYY!!!!huahahaaha, atleast im not stuck at home for one day with full of complaining of "im freakin bored, let sleep and hope somethin happen whan i wake up?!", nahhh, course not, but hey, sleeping is good, i think i have atleast 8 hours of tidur siang this week for the holiday,heheheee,

anyway, i went to school for taking my card, well not actually taking it, but like borrowed it so i can photocopied and put it in my surat lamaran, yeahh, and school just school, not catchy things that pop you eyes, or whatever that is, it just IT.okay, that school update, and yeah, and im off to jakarta post office, which is like 10 minutes from my house, soo i was thinking that i wanna just ride a bike to go there, but too bad i dont have one!!AHHHHHH!!, does any of you how much cost to buy a bike???!i mean, kinda need right now so i can save up some money to do it.

soo, jalan-jalan in short times period, or i dunno a better sentences to describe that, is fun.yeah, now i talking crap!
oooo well, bye!

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