for the second time in a day

yeah, im just making the second post of the day, which i dont know why i even bother to do it, is it maybe because my brain and my body doesnt sync really well, or is there any reason that could be happened?oo well, theres a thing called feeling, yeahh, that's what makes me wanna do this, wrting.

so, whats up with the second post of the day then, oo nothing, maybe in a about *tikk tokkk tikk tokk*, wel still got nothing in my mind to be put on.ok give me another *tikk tokkk tikk tokk*, still got nothin?!OO YEAHHH!!I GOT IT!!!heres a question, how can people make a book with hundreds and hundreds of pages on it?hmmm, i was thinking how this people got inspiration from?!

is it kind of shitty to ask somethin like that, but im just curious to know somethin like that, since yeah, are the inspiration that they got from whatever form of THE THING is a lot to them, that makes them goo wild on wrting the books??!or it just simply a life experience that they got, and since its interesting, the writer wanna to share with us as a reader??!or another one is, simpy a pure imgaination, which most of the books are write with deep in it...

that just too random,
i mean its kind of weird actually,
or not?
or it just, like antother things?!
i dont even know how to answer that?!

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