when culture mean something

oo yeah, this morning, when i just woke up the first thing is that, call my granny.i dunno, i kinda of boring, and i know shes the one who can make me the morning goes well,okay, we ending up talking up about married with foreigner, which somethin that kind of interesting as we talk about it.soo the sotry goes, when a friend of her is the doctor in RUSSIA, and yeah he's got married with russian women there, and what interesting, since this guy is originally came from dusun, and thats what my granny said, all his children was sent to kampong where he came from, and here's the funny thing, the kids are more capable talking JAVANESE and RUSSIAN then INDONESIAN,which lead to saying "mangkanya nanti kalo kamu di luar negeri, jangan cari yang bule yaaa, indonesia ajaa dee, soalnya kalo kayak gitu kan jadinya ngak lucu, nak!", and yeah, i was kind of realized that kind of thing could happened,oo well, i jjust take it as an advice.

but thats not it, i mean, granny also talked to me about how indonesian food actually contain all the nutrient that makes us healthy.ahahahaa, thats soooo mommy talking rite, and yeah, she told me that even we are came from different custom, it actually made a huge deal on the taste of food itself.like my granddaddy is a maduranese, sooo yeah, spice and FATTY food is always on the list in their house, which is true, yet its healthy, and she said that "kamu kalo disini sayang, aduhhh, ngak bakal dee kayak kamu sekarang, pasti gendutnya ngak ketulungan!". and we just laugh together in the phone like crazehh!!ahahaha,

off the record,
i feel confort in someone house then myself,
is it somethin weird to say?or is just me who cant adjust with the life i have?!

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