you know what, i decided to have a home session before math exam, which is tommorow, yups its sooo, makes soo to eat that paper, liat aja!!apaa cobaa.well, kayaknya its one of my strategy for facing the exam, since at home you can relax a bit, without disturbance from many thing out there, yups, kayaknya exam juga bisa membuat orang membuat HOME SICK, or is just me, hmmm, apaa sii, kayaknya ngak scientific result banget dee guee..

aniway, gue ngak tau kalo gue ternyata addicted sama FRIENDS, gilaa itu show kayaknya udah before i was born,i mean, i was having lunch in front of TV and yang paling beres cuma itu, ya udahh, i give it a try, and then it turn out, I LOVE IT!, gilaa i dont belive, that people can actually have a genius, yet funny at the same moment, wow, and kayaknya itu ada di NBC dee, gue ngak tau original shownya di broadcast dimnaa, hmmmm,

just listening to jason mraz-im yours, which yang new version anehnya kayaknya gimanaa gitu, well its fo me, it just too hawaiin, and i like the first edition, lebih acoustic and he got some skills to show in he gutar, aihhhh, apaa sii guee, kasih komen kayak gini.hehehhehe, ya udahh, tapi kan sama2 enak, jadi the choice is yours.and one more thing before wrapping this up, tadi AMERICAN IDOL class of 2008 ada di LARRY KING LIVE, wow, gue aja kaget waktu ngak sengaja browsing di TV, kayak pertamanya itu cuma si COOK ama ARCHULETTA, and lama2 semua keluar deee,ahahhaa, pasti ratingnya naekk dee,kan american idol yang dateng.oo yaaa, mereka katanya mau tur 50 kota looo, wow di amrik, jadi bakalan sibuk.,ahahahah!good luck guys!

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