gosh, kayaknya beda bangett dee, jam sekrang gue nulis this post, kayakanya mataharinya gelap gulita gituu dee, apaa gimnaaa guee jga ngak tauu, ahahaha, maybe im just craving for sunshine, since i believed is the sign of good day,alahh, rama begituann ajaaa dee inget, mathh eloo tuhh, makann abis2ann!!!mataharii sii udah dari sononyaa!!!anehh, anehh!

aniway, one day, aduhh, kayaknya waktu i woke up this morning, masa the first thing that i remembered was how to solve bearing, gilaa, math really getting to my headd yaa, hmm, and yeah, i think the study this morning, which already start 2 hours ago, good, atleast i know the basics of OGIVE graph, some logical calculation in the triangle to find a angle, and some other things, that i think relly help me out on tomorrow test, i think.just cross your finger, and wish me luc k :)

kan kemaren dirumah seharian gituu, and yeah, kayaknya belajar kemaren juga ngak begitu sempurna, since i spent my 6 hours of the night, for browsing, and doing stuff, hffff, ya udahh dee, mangkanya i commit to studdy rellii rellii well and focus on today session.and yeah, since these 2 month, I've been watching this MTV show, called TRUE LIFE, which baru keluar di channelnya kayaknya bulan lalu, but i already watch it anyway, kayaknya yang last season dee.hehehe, ya udahh dee, i recommended, for those who want real reality, yeahh, you should give it a try, heheheh!

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