yups, hari ini is the first day of school.horee!!ahaahaha, yaa dongg, masa ya iyalah, okehh gue ngak jelas dee.sooo, whats the biggest update of today, banyak, gue kelas 11, besar yaa??ngak banget sii, kan kata anya, masih junior ramm, nanti kalo udah senior, whot whoot,ahahaha,m ngak jelas ngak jelas,currently:chat with kevin emilio and celine.iyaaa sii, and youtube-in on other side of the world-kt tunstall.iyaahh,

yaa sii, the first day, woww, i just cant stop using that one,hehhee, soo the morning crowd with all the drama in it, new student that just confused about where to put bags, hugs in every group that is around, question like "hows ur holiday!!", or simply a HEI from everybody mouth came as a highlight of today. eveyrone really embrace the day, its like the DAY!!and yeah, itu bener banget kale.

btw, kok gue jadi bingun yaa pake english yaa??!
oo iyaa gue diajar ama mr. skye.

rite, gtg sleep,
byee, and welcome school btw to you all,
and sorry for uninterest post!

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