wanting so bady on something called, going to school

ooo yeahh, i get enough of rotting at home doing nothing, than watching tv, well i kinda enjoy all those show and tv drana,teheheeeee.well anyway, thats the highligt of my boredom at home.well, since i've been doing nothing in the last 3 weeks, that makes all my brain and muscle, not muscle in the sense of abs,but urat2 yang ada menjadi lemes kembali, alahh sok jadi instruktur senam deee guee, :)

sooo yups, school start in about less than 24 hours, soo about 18 hours i think, or more, well you do the mathm
ahhhhhhhhhh, I WANT SHCOOL!!!!
gegeggee, nerd+lebay mode=ON!

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