monday, okayy, well not so good morning should is say, since cars in the road just keep honking me while im riding my bike, goshh, i mean dont u guys realized how small is the road in jakarta!well i know cars that you guys using is much worth it than i am, but please, oo goshh, give me also the freedom to ride in the road guys pleasee, or atleast if the goverment read this, which is something obvius, duhh! make a special way for bike please, and im sure you guys will be awarded for this kinds of deeds,hehehe,

soo school went out to be okay actually, my subject selection has finalized, soo starting thursday, i will have my real pelajaran on the day,YAYY!!!but i had to fill the up the form, but i missed out ms lordes, since i cant find her everywhere around the schoo, soo tommorow that my objective.i'll find you miss!!huahahaha!

okehh agak ngak penting jadinyaa,
jadii ya udah deee,
mau tidur guee,ngantung,
btw, the host, selesai,horee, here comes breaking dawn, ram!

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