what's on.

yups, whats on people?oo nothing much for me.hows the weekend?good??no??or so soo??yaa hope the best aja gue.amien
went to carefour (is it right spelling??!) and bought a bike for school and that means, its end of my ojek period after 3 years of using it, and yeah, rode motorcycle everyday for school, its just something to talk about foy my kids when i grow older, later in my life.ahahhaa, maybe that's just tooo far from now, eh?okayy,

yeahh, im riding bike to school, its the idea that coming ftrom dad and myself, since he wont bought me a motorcycle, cause i dont reach 17 yet,yeah im 15, young and selfish,alahh, anehh dee gue.but anyway, its just great..i mean, its new thing, soo theres no doubt on trying that.yay me!

about 2 days ago, i was chatting in inet with an old friends of mine, yeah, and "why im not in ur blog anymore?is it because you forgot about me already?", and i said "noo lahh, why should i, goshh, im not that pathetic to do such things like that to you, i mean, you're already in my private section of my brain, soo without writing it, its already permanently in there,heheh", "ahahha, dasar anehh loo" "the it person" answer wtih that.yeahh, we have a quite nice chat in there.such a relief of the first day of school.ya olohh, kayak diapain ajaa yaa di skolah.aahahhaa.

but referring to previous post, when i talked about friends//buddy, yeahh its two different things rite?!.buddy to me is like someone who just there, and most likely to be working partner, while friends, well heres comes the different, when work comes more personal feeling to it.sooo, that feeling that makes a bond to the person, differenciate the term between the words.okayy, im not trying to have english grammar lesson, or whatsoever, im just saying.

but again, do i have buddy or friends then?which is most likely to my situation?i mean, im not really sure about it, since i cant just say "i have a lots of buddy!", what about people who actually been friends with me?!hmmmm, or the worst is, im still on the search of both.well, let the time answer that then.but keeping connected to the persons all around you is important, whether you know them just the outside or i like to said just the A not until Z, is better than nothing.well its true, but sometimes, when i want to know then A-Z, and back from Z-A, its just hard, there just too many drama in it, that makes me wanna throw the feeling toward the person i wanna know.which is why, sometimes i called my self as a quiter!woww,gue sii ngak mauu dee jadi kayak gituu,hiii.

well, i think that's for now,
buddy//friends//search condition?!
tell me all about it, 'kay!

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