90="untung bapak ngak baca bukunyaa...hehehe"

ookayy, i know i should read my scarlett letter for now, but i just give time for 5 minutes, to atleast leave the world of Boston, and get back to Jakarta for a while.ahaahhaa,well as you know, today she as us to read 6 pages by friday?
and, that mean theres 90 pages to ace for it, plus some analysis question that i need to answer it along by the reading.it just sucks for me, since this is my first time on having literature class on english, especially, so i dont really get how things done in the subject.you know, for the last 3 years, i always get the subject as my second languange, but this,whoaaa, its like my second everyday thangg than indo now.wuihh!!but i'll try to do it, since i have a new bestfriend other than my bike, which is spark notes!!woww!!!!

soo, can i have a holiday?!ahahaha, you wish..and when i told me dad in dinner table about the 90 pages reading material that i need to do, he just said "untung bapak ngak baca yah,ahahha, pasti bosen tuhh", and i then i jus responded with "yahh untuk dee pak, since itu lumayan boring kalo ngak suka topik kayak gitu2".teheeee~i love my dad.hihihih, kok jadi spoily2 gini yahh..

i'll just have an update on the dirt?!well not really?!i should say, life update,
yups, friday would be better?!sounds good to me?!
okayy then, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth is calling me to get back on the book~(wow lebayy!!)

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