saturday phobia?!or something else?

soo hello,
yeayy!!finally i can have my own long break,i mean, this week is like super pack with all sort kind of stuff, that i cant even remember what it is.sooo anyway, yeahh but now ramaa, let sit down, relax, and enjoy some typing moment?!lohh, kayaknya makan ama minum lebih enakk dee.
sooo my day today,hmmm, nothing much, but i all my work from last night being paid off, since ms mariza and tante rini is able to followed our committee schedule to have a presentation for the Buka Puasa Bersama, o yeah, binusians dont forget to come @ 19 September 2008.and yeahh, we are on the same track btw,YAYY!!!
ehumm, filza is in my A2 class today, WELCOME FIE!ahahahahaa,yahh duduknya udah sendiri, ngak ada Juliann yahh?!since he moved to english B,yahh gituu, sooo hello to you then!!!

okay what elsee, yahh, btw, i still cant over the AKSI Bersih yang gue lakuiin minggu kemaren, im not try to exaggerate anything or whatsoever, but the feeling its just there, wanting for me to do more and more action similiar like this?!wowww...it just nice if I can do something nice to my own sourondings, no matter how small it is.sooo anyone got event to offer?please, contact go green club yahh!!

yeahh, im gonna remembered every single moment from it.i promised.
let give a small care to the world, so they can smile to us.
memory of 09.08.08.Pangarango//Jawa Barat//Aksi Bersih Pangrango

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