night review from me //MERDEKA UNTUK 17 Agustus 2008

night people,
yeahh, i supposed to get to bed already, since i have to wake up at about 6 to catch our train to Bandung for 8:30.ehmm, i wonder why dad ask me to do that soo early.soo anyway, hows your weekend?still have no plan?!well, take your time okayy, you have like 50hours of freedom of relaxing..hmm, pretty nice huh?well i hope you have a great break, and dont forget INDONESIA INDEPENDENCE DAY in tommorow, by that let get red and white, shall we?!

hmm, hows my day so far, well i like to say, this is my geeky weekend, sicne i finished 2 books at once and bought a new one also today.soo breaking dawn, check!. nick and norah infinite playlist, check!(jadi selasa udahh dee abis utang gue ama anya, makasihh yahh). 40 days in Europe, pending!. scarlett letter, bisa lahh nunggu?(woww gue mulai mem-procastinating hal yang wajib dilakukan~hehehheehe.) soo gituu, so far breaking dawn is awesome, she made a not too cheesy, but just enough to finish all the drama from the last 3 books, soo good job Meyer, see shes not bad like many people said in internet that ask to return all the books to the store since the book is bad or whatsoever,wtf!

40 days in europe,nahh ini buku agak kayak Laskar Pelangi, tapi lebih buat kayak kita2 gini dee pokoknya, soo worth to read deee.hehehe, lumayan rekomendasi hal yang bisa dilakukan buat liburan kalo ngak ada apa2.hehehehhee.oo iyaa, last night gue menonton dua film secara bersamaan, which is the happening, ya ampunn itu amit2 serem tapi aneh juga on the same time,jadii kalo ngak mau punya weekend yang agak gimana, jangann deee.and then, bridge to terabithia,aduhhhh BAGUS ABIS!since i read the book ,soo i know how he story goes in general, and it went out great.ueghh, why im not watched the movie while it still in cinema wayyyy a year ago,gsoh where am i?!ckckckckkcc,ramama ramaa...

okay thenn, hope you have favourable wekeend,
rama signing off,
byee!!! dan INDONESIA MERDEKA//17 Agustus 2008 (soon, early celebration?!bolehh dongg)

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