long weekend and more?!yeahh, i think its more..


yeahh i should said this from yesterday, but since there's a limited access of internet in bandung, well i postponed it 'till today.okayy, soo hows the panic!at the disco concert anyone?!pretty crazy so far or "odd" in your weirdest way, as if fantastic?i hope it blows you head away okayy, since i read few of friend blogs that cover up the concert, and they said its awesome, soo i assume it wrap up our weekend then?! :)

everything seems to be just okayy today, just like any other holiday, but not that boring or crappy all the way, it just "IT" okayy,soo im okayy with everything.no drama, no yelling, just a piece and quiet with nature and god,nahh loo, kok jadi kesituu yahh?!hehehehee.

and whats interesting, when i was in bandung, for the first time, and this is for real, i had my tea walk.well i know its sound weird, but i never been do this activity before, since we always stay in the place that had no program or facilities that provide this, sooo here i am with my dad, have a tea walk, such a lovely son and day preciouse moment this morning.and yeah, i took few pictures, i know its not that describing, but it just a pieces of puzzled in my mind that i wanna to show it.enjoy.

view before the tea plantation.tangkuban perahu,weeee~

skyway avenue in bandung?!hmmm

pure mountain Lembang clouds. :)

metik stroberi lohh tadi juga!ahahhaa, gede2 boo!

soo this is what is called, pohon stroberi.heheh!

ehh iyaa, soo not far from our places, theres this RUMAH STROBERI where you can pick 10 fruits and bring it home lohh, it soo much fun!i dont took many pictures, dad done that with his super plus telescope on it camera.soo go figure what it is?!cause i dont know what is the type of the camera itself.heheheh.yeahh, and after you paid money as a entrance fee, we got this stroberi juice!goshh, it soo sweet and yummy after some labor on the picking stuff.hehhe, ngak mau males yahh gue.ahahahha.

'keyy thenn,
gtg sleep people, school coming in the morning,

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