im currently reading poetry pack that is given by my english teacher 2 days ago.well, the packs if full of poetry, and isnt obvious to call it a POETRY PACK!rite...the content is not random in a way that has soo many things to discuss, but more into social gender of women, and its interesting since i never read a poetry that have a theme connect to the women worlds.

talking about women, its not just full of sissy(ness) or cute thang in it, but surprisingly, the poetry told me all about gender racism and social justice among the sexes.thats is a wow factor for me.sooo overall the poertry contain a rich and full of color words to be read and consume it~

okehhh, udahh dee kayaknya membuka blog ini dengan memberitahu poetry yang sedang gue baca.since i dont have anything to say anyway, well its sunday and i have less than 20 hours for Puasa.woww, nanti malem gue akan sahur!ahahaha, senangnyaa gue!!hehehee, and the Puasa drama, should i say will be begin tomorrow @ 07:30am SHARP!aajahahah!!!

rite then, got back to others things,gue aja ngak tau mau ngapain.hehehe.
see yachh!!!

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