lucky today for you?!

its like 08-08-08, and thats mean OLYMPIC in BEIJING is official open, okayy well it just a reminder of what happened today right?!soo its friday, i think everyone said in school that, its a lucky day, since the number and all sort kind of thing, yeahh its somethin else.but i think not for me..i dont feel that luck, except for the soul that i still being given today, so i can still live, breath an oxygen, and other things from GOD, that i need to appreaciate today,hhehe, amie.

soo why suddenly i said somethin like "not lucky for me", its not like, someone hit me with skateboard, or theres a venomous snake suddenly appear in my locker and bite me or else, its more how i took myself in the weird way.im still cant figure it out what is this weird way i have today, since my face is like cheering up all day, but inside theres just soo many things to be,arghH!!screw me!

btw, just for some flashnews, sarong help me to get through of the coldness in binus, yeahh praise god for it okayy,
and go green club tommorow?anyone wanna clean up NATIONAL PARK of PANGRANGO?hmmm,i hope so..
well, wish me luck,
and lets share a bit of care to our mother nature.
peace and spread the word..

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