soo after a few days not updating anything, i decided today is the day,ahaahaa, it seems i going to proclaim something to the world,anywayy, whats going on lately btw,hmmm not much actually, just continuning my life as usual,the one who just been a little diffrent, since bike became my new best friend.

yeahh, school work is piling up, and im telling you, there almost noo time to sit back, or do somethin to make ur head clear for lke 5 minutes.well, im just saying that, the workload is double up into more than i can imagine.soo IB screw,yehh, im dying to say that from last week. sooo, it is licking my head to toes,ahhh,i just wanna skip that part.

the go green club and my buka puasa bersama is still on going process, since its two activities that become my CAS activity,andd yeahh, it get little bit outta hand sometimes, but it get back in time,sooo kind of happy for that, since everthing seems in their own line.

thanks to richard btw, tommorow i have my BREAKING DAWN,ahahhaaa,
soo thannks alot buddy
gtg, review time...

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