i finished all my homework this morning, since i was planning to have a math review for the quiz tommorrow.and yeahh, 4 hours if im not mistaken, from biology and bahasa indo is wuishh done baby,ahahahaa, well that just a good morning fix today.anyway, dady told me that, we will have this quick lunch somewhere around the mall, but he dont know where yet, soo pacific place pop in my mind, and he said yes.and btw, he want to go to electronic city actually to check the TV for the car, since my sister are like crying for that from last year, i mean, its TV and in the car?!we have it at home rite??!

soo, yeahh, i ate sushi, and its about 10 roll i think, which is pretty normal, like for a past few days, my tummy are like a pig, cant stop consuming food in small amount, soo i think with little bit fitness by biking for the next 3 days, would cut some of my calories down.oo yeahh.and it went out soo quickly, since mom need to go back working,yeahh, her office doesnt have holiday,go figure why!?

and then, suddenly there's this panda walking in out restaurant floor, and my dad think that, theres a kungfu panda promotion, and i was like, noo dad, udah ngak ada kalii,kan itu udah bulan yang lalu,but oo well, ya udahh lahh yaa, jadinya dia mau nonton gituu ama adek gue.jadilahh, gue ama dia pisah, dia nonton impys island, and im on smart people.

yeahh, smart people, first impression, hmm, its must be somethin to do with science, and all the comedy,but it turn out to be drama genre, that which lead to some little bit of conflict and cry and pain.alahh, ngak jelas dee grammar guee.tapi yaa gitu, it just one of a kind for me.i like it actually, i mean, is like little miss sunshine for adult.yeahh, i like to put it that way.ellen page was like wuihh!!totally different person from JUNO,and namanya dia disitu Vanessa Watherhold, maap kalo salah.pokoknya gituu dee.hehehehh!

soo yeah, i recomend the movie,
and lets get to school.

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