heyyoo everyone!howdy and good morning.thank god today is like a break, well i shouldn't say its holiday anyway, but ooo well, atleast i have a break from school.so, for that, last night i watched two movies, which are made of honor-patrick dempsey and prom night-britanny show.

okehh, lets start from made of honor, i know im kinda of late to watched this but you know its okay, the movie is like, awwwww, soo sweet.especially for guy like me, it give some kind of thought that, if i be like Tom//Patrick Dempsey, i shouldnt be like that, meaning that, too late on saying I love you or any other saying that actually a simple to things to do, but it just lead you to somethin else if you're not doing it immediately.(you know, im listening to love song-Sara Bareilles, btw, is it a right spelling, please tell me if wrong, thanks!). but Scotland as their second set of the movie, is just one of a kind.its some kind of somethin else, oohhmyy , i cant describe, you gotta watch it by yourself.but, its not somekind of everyday fairtytales stroy, soo its worth to watch guys!and the tag line says, it take a real man to be a made of honor?!hmmm, gue mikir tuhh bagian itu,am i gonna be like the man who desperately find his love, padahal udah ada di depan mata dia or the other way around, which is, getting thorough the sea of love that fulls of monseter that ready to eat me anytime they want.alahh, lebayy dee gue.

and then, prom night, nahh ini diaa yang paling deket ama gue.since its a typical high school prom night, you know, limo and all dressep up dan teman2nya.but it turn out to be their worst night of their life you know, since beberapa temennya dari karakter utama ini dibunuh ama phycopath gituu, yang obsessed ama si Donna-whihc is the main character.yeahh, soo you know, one by one mati secara pelan2 ampe tinggal dianya.aduh seremnyaa, but the dance floor in the movie, it just wonderess!!AHH!!!i want my prom to be like that, but more dramatic please~


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